Saturday, October 18, 2008

MORE Conan Storytime!

So yesterday's post set me off on a journey to find the other Conan record sets that I knew were out there. Luckily, I managed to find some more MP3's to download!

One that I remember fondly from my youth was the comic book and record set called "The Crawler in the Mists". Here's the cover...


There were a few others and one intrepid collector was kind enough to post links to the MP3's and even the PDF for Crawler in the Mists! You can find the links via the Conan Forum here...

Conan Record MP3's and PDF

On a somewhat sillier note, I came across this record on Ebay today that pits an extremely Conan-like barbarian against the crew of the Star Trek Enterprise. I'd love to find the MP3 for this one, but alas, it proves elusive.


So go get the downloads and sit back and enjoy some old school Conan adventures!

More coming soon!

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