Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"QUIET on the SET!"

I don't know...with that chain mail sleeve on his arm there...that's pretty Badass!

I don't know WHAT is going on here....Is that dude gonna get catapulted?

Ewww! That Pict Chieftan there is one ugly mother....and I don't like Staphen Lang's armor here.

Just exactly what is he doing sneaking around slashing peoples throats and stuff? SNEAKIN?

Quiet on the SET!!!! That's right!

Browsing the internet once again I come across more of these production stills from the upcoming movie” Conan the barbarian 3D”. I see all over the place on different blogs the reservations people have toward the upcoming movie. Everyone is comparing Jason to Arnold…as anyone naturally would. Arnold is a legendary figure he once held the title of the world’s most perfectly developed man. His Biceps were 21 inches around and his chest was an enormous 56 inches and he stood 6 feet 1 and 1 quarter inch tall….that I say is the perfect height. ( wish I was that tall ) So everyone has a natural bias toward the former ” Governator ”.

No Jason has nowhere near the physique Arnold had in his prime…but Jason is not a small guy. He’s 6’3” tall with a 50 inch chest and 19 inch biceps…you want to fight him?  I certainly don’t.

One specific point I would like to touch on is…” Why are these barbarian characters built like rejects from Planet fitness commercials? ” Back in ancient times Warriors and Gladiators and Spartans and Roman legion soldiers did not train with weights and in the gym toning and isolating muscle groups. They fought death with weapons and skill and so on.

Well…I’d like to clear the air on this right friggin’ now. Robert E. Howard the father of High adventure fantasy literature or the genre we know as “ Sword and Sorcery” had a very specific vision of who he wanted CONAN to be. Being a body building and boxing enthusiast he was around GYM’s and near guys who worked out and dabbled in body building and working out himself. He saw those guys at the Circus bending bars with 50 inch chests and so on ( Circus strong men ).

Go back yourself and read his books. His description of CONAN is one of a great big guy with corded rippling muscles who stood a complete head and shoulder over everyone else. CONAN in Howard’s mind…was a Monster of a man. He could pick up a foeman and break him in half by bending him over backwards with his bare hands.

Now …add the element of a broadsword or a battle axe and put him out on a bloody battle field and you have Frank Frazetta’s iconic image of CONAN in the famous BARBARIAN painting.  I too had my reservations about this movie… but now I am looking forward to it. I do have my fingers crossed. But….the movie could bomb. I would rather be optimistic about it.  As Reis once said in an earlier post someplace here in this Homage of a blog called CROM…he stated “ We don’t want no negativity ”…not verbatim but that’s my interpretation.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Introducing Jason Momoa as "CONAN"

I lifted this publicity still off the CONAN 3D Facebook page. Here we see Jason striking the classic pose ready for action and ready to do battle with Wizards , Evil henchmen , Monsters and Hapless moron's who would insist on getting in the way.
This movie has been a long time in the coming but it's on it's way. We the fans have been waiting for years. Sure there is general hesitance and doubts that the film will not live up to the hype. But you know what? I don't care...I see the stills , I see the interview clips and press material released to the public. Being the ever vigilant CONAN fan that I am. Well..I can't wait now. I am anticipating a great box office's CONAN man!!!
We just may all be in for a pleasant surprise.

Friday, March 4, 2011

CONAN the Punisher


I was browsing the web looking for material useful in the fine art of blogging..Looking for Comics , Posters , Art and general whatnot. Then I spotted this totally MEAN looking CONAN custom action figure over at People buy other action figures and sculpting clay/putty and paint and rip them apart and Frankenstein job them into NEW action figures. One of a kind and unique action heroes to wile away your day and have a little adventure of your own.