Friday, January 31, 2014


Two Snakes! Facing each other! But they are one!" Epic belt buckle of the standard of Thulsa Doom, the villain in Conan The Barbarian cast from an original clay sculpture and hand-painted in a cast-iron style finish. For fans of Conan, Game of Thrones, LARP, anything medieval, swords and sorcery, or just looking like a total badass-- here you go. ***Made-to-order. Please allow one week for production. Ships USPS Priority Mail, takes 2-3 days to arrive domestically, 6-10 internationally. Meet the owner of ChristopherGenovese. Learn more about his shop and process.

Custom CONAN figures by Calvin!!!

On Tuesday, January 28, 2014 I received an e-mail and some attachments from a very special Conan fan of the highest caliber. I asked him to tell me a little about himself. So listen up followers of " CROM:The Ultimate Conan fan blog " and let me introduce you to Calvin Lo
"My name is Calvin Lo, I am 36 and am based in Hong Kong. I have been in the hobby of one sixth scale figures for 10 years. In this hobby, there are the collectors, whom by definition collect figures as they come out of the boxes, and there are the customizers, whom like me, like to modify things, mess around with new materials, chopping things up and glue them back to gather to make our own versions of a movie or game character.
I became a full time customizer a year ago and have been taking commissions since, my commission projects range from the highly popular Conan the barbarian series to Star Wars The Old Republic series, and recently I have expanded to two other well known franchises Diablo 3 and Cats the musical. Apart from one sixth scale figures, slowly I am collecting 1:18 scale (3.75") figures, which are something that I grew up with, and the reason I love one sixth, cause of the whole G.I.Joe thing back in the 80s when I was a kid. The thing with 1:18 is that, it is relatively cheaper and much easier to make a diorama with tanks and planes and stuff, which for one sixth, would be much more difficult to make a shoot like that.
The fun part with both hobby is that, you get to be like the director of a film, you cast the characters, you costume them, paint them like make up artist, then direct all the actions, lighting and final presentation, which is an extremely satisfying and creative process :)
The thing with Conan, for me is that Arnold has been my idol since forever, and like many fans, I have been waiting for big companies to produce figures of him from Conan the movies and Commando, but so far only The Terminator has been made in 1:6 & 1:4 scale. Then came several commissions for Commando and Conan last year, I am starting to getting more and more interests for them lately. Well, enough for now and thanks so much!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Church of ....CROM!!!!

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