Saturday, December 1, 2012

CONAN turns 80 - December 1932-2012

This morning I opened my e-mails to find a Happy Birthday wish to CONAN from a Gentleman ( Could'a been a lady ) who signed off with just an initial " T."
       Conan the Cimmerian was created and conceived in a little house in Texas 80 years ago.  In that time an ICON grew into a legend and is now a timeless household name.  Everyone knows CONAN whether they like it or not.  Those who don't " TO HELL WITH THEM ! "  
       When his first official story appeared in a December 1932 issue of WEIRD TALES
 ( the Pheonix on the sword ) it was the beginning of a long Brutal and Beautiful friendship between REH , CONAN and the fans.  Why do we love the big guy so much?  We can't really say any more than his adventures speak to us and we relate in some way to the Loner writer BOB HOWARD.
     CONAN is an icon and his adventures will be shared for 80 more years and beyond. Happy Birthday Big Guy now pull out your axe and whack that cake in half!!!