Monday, September 22, 2014

A Savage flurry

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hey Kids...sorry for the long wait between posts... I's was busy. Recently I was contacted by someone with a cool new character He sent me some pics and a little bit about his story. After seeing the art and reading a little bit about LOG I thought this would be perfect to share with the followers of CROM : The Ultimate CONAN fan blog. Check it out...and keep your eyes peeled!!! LOG is comin'!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "In the dark age of swords and spells - monsters and men, one hero defies them all. Log! The ax wielding wooden giant! The Legends of Log giant size 2015 annual is a 56 page black and white comic book adventure with 10 tales of the Mighty Log as he fights sorcery and serpents and warlocks and warriors. You'll travel with Log as he defends the North Woods from a giant Serpent Creeper and the colossus Worm of Doom! You'll watch Log fight the hordes of creatures from the Outlands and battle the Ax-man of the South Woods. You'll see the evil Warlock Darkgrim try to take control of Log's mind with his conjuring of the Mind Invader. And you'll fight along with Log against the sorcery of Fire Beast, Rock Monsters and Ice Guardians. All this and more in the all new 2015 Legends of Log annual." Thanks Mike, D.L. Suharski