Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


September 24th passed by and I was remiss in wishing movie bad guy SVEN OLE THORSEN a Happy Birthday!!! He's 70 years old now...still strong as an ox!!!
From wiki - " Known for his frequent appearances in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, like Conan the Barbarian, as the hammer-wielding Thorgrim; The Running Man, as the sympathetic bodyguard Sven; and in Predator, where he played a one-second role as a Russian military advisor ('Knock Knock'). Some of his other most memorable characters have varied widely, from the gritty boater wearing security guard La Fours in Mallrats, to the unbeaten fighting legend Tigris of Gaul in Gladiator, and the witty Lt. Michael 'Tank' Ellis, Ground Assault Unit in Captain Power, to the menacing alien villain Secundus in Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe, who is always hunting for the Anti-Life Equation without any success. Thorsen has been credited in fifteen Arnold Schwarzenegger movies (as of 2006) (twelve as actor, three as stuntman or trainer), making him Schwarzenegger's most frequent collaborator. It began with Conan the Barbarian, when Schwarzenegger brought Thorsen and other of his bodybuilder friends (like Franco Columbu) with him to shoot the movie. Later, when Thorsen moved to the United States, he met Schwarzenegger again while he was acting in the movie Commando. Thorsen helped with some of the stuntwork in that movie, and quickly found work in many of the subsequent Schwarzenegger films. In spite of Thorsen's thick Danish accent, his voice is almost never dubbed (an exception being Hard Target). Thorsen pursued his role as Tigris (of Gaul) in Gladiator for over a year, beating Lou Ferrigno for the part.[citation needed] The part won him two TAURUS World Stunt Awards[4] in the ceremony's inaugural year. Thorsen has founded various federations, including The Danish Bodybuilding Federation in 1979 and Cigar Night at Schatzi in Santa Monica, California along with Schwarzenegger. He has a black belt in Shotokan karate and holds championship titles"


Back when CONAN was being published by Marvel comics a Team up like this would have made perfect sense. They could have even thrown Scalp hunter in there for good measure. I am sure Conan would have gotten along quite well with the Comanches and Apaches. At that time they could even have had Alfredo Alcala draw the mini series. But alas was not to be. Several years ago Dark Horse comics held both the Conan rights and Tarzan rights. I drew up a team up script and plot synopsis that had Tarzan chase a witch back through time via a magic mirror. Tarzan and Conan tussled a couple of times in the story with no appease fans of both heroes. Oh it was a good script alright. But the reply was "There will be no Conan team ups ever!" ( Oh yeah? What happened with GROO? ) Anyway... Who ever photo shopped this little faux cover together did an excellent job. I wish I knew...this way I can give the appropriate credit to whom it is due. Enjoy. - Mikey