Friday, November 12, 2010

My Conan Collection!

Hail Fellow Conan Fans! Well, as some of you may know, I just recently moved into a new house with enough space to give me my very own room, which I have dubbed "The Nerdatorium". The best part of having my own space (it's actually a home office, since I'm starting to work from home in 2 weeks) is that I finally get to dig out all of my collectibles from their Rubbermaid prisons and get them out in the open on a shelf where they belong.

Foremost in my collection of toys, comics and books is, of course, my prized Conan collection! No longer is it sealed up in storage! Finally, my collection can see the light of day and take up its rightful place of honor!

And since I had it all out on some shelves, I thought I'd snap a few pics and share with you all.

On the lower shelf we see my collection of Conan novels and pastiches. And yes, I have read all of these (well, most of them). Standing guard over my beloved paperback collection are my various Conan figures. More on them in a bit.

The upper shelf contains my larger Conan books; a couple of retrospectives, hardback novels and trade paperbacks. Sadly, I know for a fact that some are missing, so there must be another bin somewhere. probably in the garage. Good grief.

By the way, you see the two big books on the left? I highly recommend both of them to any Conan fan!

The first of the figures is my NECA "I'm gonna kill all your slave bitches" Conan, as seen in the first movie. I love this figure despite its utter lack of articulation. Also, note the missing index finger. Again, must be rolling around at the bottom of a bin.

Here we have a small Conan statue originally released by Dark Horse comics. This is a repainted special promotions piece originally seen in the "Frost Giant's Daughter" PVC set. I got this bad boy at a discount bookstore for $2. They had a pile of them and I'm now kicking myself for not buying them all and having a give-away or something. Sorry, gang.

Ahhhh, yes... the Comic Book Legends Conan! He came with his Marvel Comics arch nemesis, Wharrl: the Devourer of Souls!

And, of course, my prized Mego Conan. A gift from my homie Greg and still one of my very most beloved toys in my entire collection. Thanks Greg!

While I was digging through another bin, I stumbled across a few Marvel Comics Treasury Editions. I've found these here and there over the years and actually forgot that I had a couple of these. The last one appeared on this very blog after I found it at the Emerald City Comic Con and had it signed by the great Ernie Chan himself! (Look in the center "N" in CONAN)

Well, that's the collection so far, minus a book or two. And I also have to track down an original piece of Conan trading card art from my good friend, Bubbashelby. It's around here somewhere.

And of course, this also does not take into account the hundreds of Conan comics I have, which are all sitting in a giant stack right now. I'm picking up some comic book long-boxes this weekend and plan on putting them all in order and then making a list of which ones I need. I'm sure I'll have a ton of doubles, so I think I smell a CROM! give-away on the horizon! ;)

Thanks for checking out the collection!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Memoriam...

Dino De Laurentiis
To read more about the legendary producer of Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, among many other incredible films, click HERE.