Monday, January 31, 2011

More Vikor!

For those of you who want to learn a bit more about the new Masters of the Universe Classics figure, known as Vikor, Poe Ghostal has posted an in-depth and simply glowing review of the action figure over at his site; Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation. Head on over and check it out.
He even touches on the whole Conan/He-man myth (although he seems to agree with the whole Conan the Barbarian movie figures thing as a fallacy). But he does acknowledge the inspiration of Conan as noted in this original Vikor sketch from the late 70s...

In fact, while you're at it, swing on by Mark Taylor's website featuring a bunch of late 70s MOTU concept art (from which the original Vikor sketch came).

Also, if you want to put the myth to rest one and for all, I suggest reading Roger Sweet's book about the early days and development of He-man; Mastering the Universe. It's a tough read, and Sweet spends a lot of time bragging, but there are some very interesting insights to the early days of He-man's creation.

The plot thickens...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vikor the Barbarian!

This guy just arrived in the mail today. He's not Conan, but an action figure based on the first original designs of He-man way back in late 1980, a savage warrior known as Vikor! But seriously, if he doesn't remind you of a certain barbarian we all know and love...

I'll post a full review soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Art of Michael Maikowsky!

Today I would like to speak a little about an artist named Michael Maikowsky. Michael's art is an homage to a man whose face should be on the COMIC BOOK ART Equivalent of MOUNT RUSHMORE. Just exactly who should be on this monument with him would be tough to determine , Other than KIRBY. But JOHN BUSCEMA is in my estimation the GREATEST comic book artist/illustrator who ever lived. Here in this post you will find some highly skilled and very true renderings of famous illustrations created by John Buscema. Michael Maikowsky's perfect execution of Big John's CONAN , Ka-Zar and THOR kind of inspired me to post this today.

I have seen his work over the last couple of years and not only was I impressed but I was inspired as well. After contacting him Michael allowed me to post some of his works here on "CROM the Ultimate CONAN fan blog."

I would like to share with you...just in a case you may want an expertly crafted recreation OR original in the style of Big John Buscema. You can contact Michael Maikowsky through the info provided. In the copy below...taken from Comic art you'll find the links to contact Mr. Maikowsky yourself. See below.....

Michael is bringing us comic art fans a gift. Everything he does is inspired by John Buscema, a truly loved man and artist. Although Big John can no longer create new images or recreate old ones, through Michael, Mr. Buscema's magic can still grace the page. Please check out his whole gallery here on CAF (HERE).

If you would like to commission Michael his rates are as follows: 11 by 17 single figure with no background: $150. 11 by 17 recreation or reinterpretation: $300. All prices include shipping.

A note from Michael: "Fellow CAF member Michel Maillot triggered my interest for those John Buscema recreations. Michel saw my tribute portrait of Big John in issue # 21 of TwoMorrows ´Comic Book Artist Magazine´ and asked me for a copy of my drawing which I sent him along with a cover recreation I had finished just for fun. As a result of that, Michel ordered some more recreations in exchange for photocopies of his huge J.B. original art collection (the ´French Collection´, as I use to call it). Inspired by Michel's compliments, I got hooked and developed the nutty idea to recreate every one of Johnny B.´s penciled and inked covers, which I guess was my desperate expression of how much I miss the Big Man and his exceptional artistry. A big thank you goes out to artist supreme Joe Jusko who encouraged, promoted and honored me by presenting some of my artwork in his breathtaking gallery. As you can see, I definitely enjoy reproducing those magic images of John Buscema. It's something I find very inspirational and a valuable learning experience! It taught me more about anatomy, composition, dynamics, lighting, spotting of blacks, etc. than any how-to art book out there. (Btw, my recreations are 11x17 and done on quality two ply bristol board, solely inked with a brush. The title logos are hand lettered. No stats, no whiteout. To prevent confusion and misunderstandings, the artwork is signed with the usual "...after J. Buscema" remark.) Hope I can share some of the love I feel for Big John. I miss him terribly. Nuff said! Best, Michael"

And here is the cut and paste of my correspondance with Mike.

Michael Maikowsky: Hey Michael, wow, I feel flattered and honored getting featured on your "Blog", thanks, mate! Basically, some infos about me and my hobby can be found on the Comicartfans Gallery Room of my art rep Kirk Dilbeck (HERE). Also, our mutual friend Joe Jusko was instrumental in getting some attention for me and my stuff. Here´s Joe´s gallery featuring some of my recreations (HERE). If you still need additional info, don´t hesitate to ask. Best,Michael