Saturday, October 18, 2008

Classic Conan Mego Action Figure!

I thought it was high time to tip my hat to the first, and in my opinion, the greatest, Conan action figure ever made. It would be hard to believe that if you were a boy growing up in America in the 1970’s and you didn’t have at least a couple of Mego super hero action figures. I had several, my favorites were my Batman and Robin, but I also loved my Spider-man dearly. One that I never knew existed and probably would have killed for had I known it was out there somewhere is the Conan Mego action figure.


In fact, I never learned about it until just a few years ago when I started getting into toy collecting and saw it on ebay.

This is truly just a badass figure in a 1970’s kind of way. Not nearly as detailed as action figures today, but I think that’s what gives it its retro-charm. Just check it out...

Photobucket Photobucket

Now, I don’t own one of these myself, and I consider it the holy grail of Conan collectables. These bad boys go for anywhere from $40 (incomplete) to over $100 complete, including his belt, sword, axe, bracelets, boots and loincloth. I just can’t spend that much on an action figure right now. But one day... ;)

Hell, I’ve seen the sword alone go for $20!


So, here’s to you, Conan Mego action figure! One day, you will be mine!


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