Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conan Oddities (Part 3)

Holy crap! The blogs are finally working again! Sorry about all the test post and bulletins telling you that there were new posts when there weren't. Anyway, I guess it's all good again, so I can get back to being a big nerd and writing blogs about our favorite son of Cimmeria...

Sometimes, while trolling ebay for various collectables, I come across some truly bizarre stuff, but nothing beats this foam rubber sculpted head of Arnold as Conan. Who would make such a thing? WHY would you make such a thing? The ad said that is was ready to be hung on a wall. Holy crap...
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I also stumbled on to a collection of little league baseball pins from the Portland Oregon area that gave homage to our great King of Aquilonia, except his sword was replaced with a bat, and you could get him in any skin color (that's good, political correctness) with any color of cloak (including pink). These are hilarious!

Here's a couple of Conan PVC figures that I have never seen before. The site I found the first one on claimed it was from Italy. If anyone knows anything about these, please fill me in! The second one looks like he was probably originally on a horse, or maybe his loincloth is chafing...
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Here's a couple of ads I found from some site that sells various replica swords and weapons. This first one is, according to them, The Sword of Conan. Yeah, right. It looks a little like the one that was used in the wretched TV show, Conan the Adventurer, and never, EVER, did Arnold wield this glittering piece of crap! This sword is so un-Conan I can't believe it. Nice try with Photoshopping the sword into Arnold's hand, but we who know are not fooled...

And here's a shield from the same site, also which I have no memory of and seriously doubt that Conan would run into battle with his name written on the front of his shield. Is that like writing your name on your lunchbox in school? Bah!

And finally, just because I think this is funny, here's a Marvel Comics sticker from 1975.

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Manji said...

Hi, I am French so please excuse my poor english. The Pvc figurine (classic suit) of Conan is in fact à Key Chain, I have one of them. I herited it from an uncle when I was Young.