Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conangrams! Wait... what?

Hail to you all!

My apologies for not posting in a while, I got crazy busy this past week. So I thought I'd drop a quick note to you all and show you this weird thing I came across the other day.

So, I'm trolling through on of my favorite used bookstores and found this book from Marvel, circa 1976. It's called The Mighty Marvel Superheroes Fun Book. It's basically a puzzle book with mazes and word puzzles and stuff like that all based on Marvel's characters.

Here's the cover...


Now, I can't pass things like this up, especially when it's only $1.50, and it's a bonus when you look it up on ebay and it's going for about $25!

But the coolest part is the page devoted to our favorite barbarian! So they took some words from the Conan comic and jumbled them up and you have to solve them. I know, not exactly rocket science, but it was for kids in the mid 1970's. Anyway, here's that page. See if you can solve them all!


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