Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conan Goes on an Endless Quest!

When I was a kid, I never read anything deeper than a comic book unless a teacher made me. Then at an annual book fair in the 3rd grade I discover the TSR Endless Quest series and this kicked off a life-long obsession with any and all solo game books, like "Choose Your Own Adventure", the "Pick a Path" series, the "Wizards, Warriors & You" books, the list could go on for days.

Around the age of 12, I found the holy grail (to me, at least). In a bookstore with my parents, I stumbled onto a copy of TSR’s Endless Quest Book: Conan and the Prophecy. I must have read this single book a hundred times! It was an unbelievable feeling to pour through the pages pretending to be the future king of Aquilonia on many of his blood-soaked adventures! (Although, there wasn’t much blood in these books, so my imagination filled it in!)


Later I found a tattered used copy of another in this series called Conan the Undaunted. I only paid a quarter for it but was still bummed to find that several pages were ripped out, so I couldn’t finish the story no matter how I tried. Oh well.


There were actually three in the series, although I’ve never seen a copy of Conan the Outlaw in real life. I no longer have any of these books, but occassionally drool over them on ebay, where they go for about $8-15 a pop. One day, I’ll just break down and buy them again.


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