Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conan Lyrics? Yes, That’s Right, I Said Lyrics!

I'm sure that many of you are like me and have listened to the soundtrack to the movie Conan the Barbarian about a gazillion times. But have you ever wondered what was being said during those big operatic choral moments? Well, it turns out that the words are in Latin (as I suspected) and thankfully, some intrepid Conan fan out there who knows his Latin was kind enough to translate the words from the Kitchen/Orgy piece. And it turns out that they're even weirder than I thought they'd be. Check them out...

Alum dare id Hephaestus, id ire fundi (Give him food to Vulcan, Go deep to him)
fati virum, omni brachium (to the oracle responsible of everything)
pulchris profundis, infernarum servi fati (to the beautiful deep hell of the servant of fate)
Impoteo Infernarum (Stinking Hell)
'ooo' pulchris infernarum profundis (to the beautiful deep hell)
Impoteo, impoteo fati (Stinking, Stinking fate)

Impoteo Infernarum (Stinking hell)
alum dare, orire, id Hephaestus, id ire, (Give food, Born, Go to him, to Vulcan)
pro profundis fati, (through the deep fate)
pro pulchris infernarum profundis (through the beautiful deep hell)
pro pulchris omni fati brachium (through the beautiful responsible of all fate)
pulchris profundis infernarum servi fati (beautiful deep hell of servants of fate)
profundis, profundis fati (to the deep, deep fate)
alum dare, orire id Hephaestus, id ire (Give food, Born, Go to him, to Vulcan)
pro profundis fati. (through the deep fate)

Yeah! Stinking Hell!


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Anonymous said...

I don't think impoteo can be translated as "stinking"

Anonymous said...


Rosman said...

the Latin word "impoteo" must come from "impotens." It is an adjective meaning in this case "wild" or "violent."

The Latin translations for "stink" include the following:

foetor, putor (Lucr.), taetor odor