Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conan Fan Art! (Part 2)

A while back I posted a bunch of Conan fan art and since then, I keep running across new pieces. I didn’t draw any of these, nor are they being posted with permission, so if you see some of your art and you want me to take it down, just say so.

Let’s see what we have for today...

This forst one is pretty cool. Very stylized and choppy which gives it a modern look. Now, there’s not many identifying features on the character to signify him as Conan, other than being a dude with black hair and a sword, but the person who posted this on flickr labeled the drawing "Conan" and that’s good enough for me!

I’m not sure if I can call this one "fan art" due to its high quality execution, but I’m not sure I can technically call it "Conan" either, due to the fact that the fellow is blonde! But check out the sword, look familiar? So I’ll let you guys judge this one...

This is a badass piece of inkwork freshly ripped from somebody’s sketchbook and I love it! I sincerely hope that this person goes on to a career in comics with skills like that...

Now we take a dip in quality, but it’s clear that this was rendered with a loving hand and the face looks a great deal like the John Buscema style Conan we fans of the comic book have all grown up with. So I give this one a 7 out of 10...

Quick and sloppy doesn’t always mean "bad". This is one kick-ass sketch! Take that minotaur!

Now this is a fine piece of work. Again, I’m not sure I should call this one "fan art" as it looks way too proffessional to me, but i had to post it anyway. My only concern is that I certainly hope Conan didn’t do that to his own leg with that axe. Axes can be dangerous...

See you all next time, by CROM!

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Mike Moran said...

That bottom one is from Bruce Timm who is a huge Conan fan. (too bad he wasnt in charge of a Conan animated show!)