Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conan Collectors Coins!

Hail to all!

Just a quick blog today about one of the coolest collectables from the Conan collective culture (that was a lot of C's).

I'm talking about the official Marvel Comics Conan Collectors Coin! (Again, plenty of C's) I'm not exactly sure when these debuted, getting different dates from sellers on ebay, but it was definately mid to late 70's.

Here's an old ad for them...


It looks like they went for about $2.50 back then, which is a steal considering that they can have a starting bid of $50 or more on ebay these days. Sadly, I don't own one myself, but if any of you guys and gals out there have an extra one just sitting around, feel free to mail it to me. ;)

Take a closer look at these beauties...



There was also a recent coin produced by Dark Horse to launch their new Conan comics, that you could only get at comic book conventions, which goes for around $10 today. Maybe I'll break down and get one eventually.

It looks like this...


And speaking of cool Conan stuff that you could order from comic book ads, how freakin' badass is this t-shirt?


By Crom! I would be the meanest little bastards in 3rd grade if I had had that shirt back then!

And finally, I just can't resist posting this pic I found while searching for Conan stuff. It appears that some creative fan went ahead and made a one-of-a-kind Conan Pez dispenser! Complete with bloody battle-axe! I don't know who made this but wherever you are, my hat's off to you!


Next week we'll be delving into the good, the bad and the ugly behind the Conan the Adventurer cartoon. See you then!

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