Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am extremely saddened to announce the passing of Ernie Chan

I am at a complete loss for words...Ernie Chan passed away....He was a fantastic artist and a wonderful guy...I met him at several conventions over the years. He was a sweetheart and had the most charming and captivating smile,Rest in peace Ernie. ( Ernie Chan July 27, 1940-May 16, 2012)


bliss_infinte said...

More sad new. I grew up wwith mostly his and Buscema's Conan. A huge piece of Conan iillustrative history. Another great artist will be missed.

Kilsern said...

Wow. That is a piece of my childhood that is gone. Thank you Ernie Chan for all the memories.

Reis O'Brien said...

Ugh. This breaks my heart.

Mike D. said...

it was just 3 months ago I was chatting with Mr. Chan on F/B. I e-mailed this drawing he made for me at a con in 92...and he replied...then we got to talking for a few.
He told me he was surprised I still had the drawing and I did not sell it. I told him it's one of the treasures in my collection. Something I'd never sell....he said " That's what I thought lol "

I looked forward to meeting him again one day. He was a champ and one of my heroes...I'm really depressed right now.
Rest in peace Ernie , your family and friends have my condolenses.

Uncle Ernie said...

It was my pleasure to visit Ernie at his home and to eat lunches together at our favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurants. We had lived in the same neighborhood for almost 30 years but only connected over the past year.

Our time together was too short; but it was a great joy for me to get to know him, his family, and his fruit trees - that he was proud of.