Tuesday, May 8, 2012


When Joe Jusko does a CONAN piece you know it's going to be BAD ASS....I love all the textures he threw in there on the wrist band and sword and the dark side of the face....JUSKO and CONAN are a matched pair if you ask me. I have my favorites....and then I have my favorite.

For CONAN....it's JOE JUSKO.

People familiar with my blogs know I have a lot of interests and have been a fan and collector and appreciate all things in comics past and present. They'd also be familiar with the fact that....pretty much on each of my blogs....I have posts revolving around JOE JUSKO...the man gets around what can I say? Whether it's Sheena or Hercules or Tarzan....or whatever...Joe has done it and his work speaks volumes...no really he has volumes and volumes of work!!!

If you wanted to put together a coffee table book of his work...it'd need to be as big as a friggin' coffee table!!! Not to mention it'd need to be as thick as a mattress. Thanks for bein' great Mr. J...we're waiting for your next surprise!!!


Kilsern said...

Hail the King

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Allow me to recommend the Desperado book, The Art of Joe Jusko. Tarzan, John Carter, and lots and lots of Conan. put together by Joe Pruett, a nice guy who shops at my local comic book store.

Mike D. said...

I HAVE THAT BOOK I'll second your recommendation..plus be on the lookout for Joe Jusko "Maelstrom" another big ol' fantastic art book!