Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Conan Images hit the battlefield!

The last time we checked in with our favorite Cimmerian via the recently-released red-band trailer (which was too bloody and naked to post here on our family-friendly Splash Page), he was up to a few of our favorite Conan-brand tricks: sword-swinging, yelling barbarically, not wearing a shirt. (That last one is the only reason I watched said trailer, if I'm being honest. And I don't mind a bit that my appreciation for Conan is both superficial and stereotypical.)

Moving along... today we have some more of Conan to love via a set of new production stills, most of which involve Conan (Jason Momoa) gripping his trusty sword and flashing an appropriately barbaric grimace. See below for more of the glorious, semi-gory stills.
As was mentioned previously, there's a lot of sword. But also great glimpses of the other featured players in the film: Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang and Rose McGowan, and Ron Perlman, who plays Conan's dad, Corin.

These new photos definitely give a good tease, particularly because of how excellent the production and costume design looks to be. One can never tell how it will look onscreen, but the photos are gorgeous, even if everyone in them is covered in dirt, grease, blood and/or crazy makeup and prosthetics.
We still have a little over a month before we get to see director Marcus Nispel's reinvention of Robert E. Howard's sword-swinging warrior in all of its R-rated, barbaric blood-and-guts glory, but I'm enthused about what I've seen so far.

"I lifted these images and the text from the MTV site splash page. In fact if you put the title of this post right into your search'll take you right to it." -Mikeyboy


Mike D. said...

I went to the site and saw all 13 new stills from the film...awesome. Folks you should indeed check it out.

Bree Yark! said...

The thing that really bugs me is the sword. It looks like a World of Warcraft sword to me.