Friday, July 15, 2011

NEW ~ CONAN the Barbarian 3D Movie poster!

This poster calls to mind the Harryhausen posters from Sinbad. My favorite of which was “Sinbad and the Eye of the tiger” when I was a little squirt I used to watch those movies and always thought to myself that they should do a Conan film or series of films just like this….shortly thereafter “ Conan the barbarian ” came out it was not exactly like I’d hoped but it was still Conan so I loved it. Even if they had some camp moments like camel punching and soup sleeping going on in there. I liked it anyway.

There were a few ways they could have made the film a bit better in my opinion. In the paperback movie adaptation when Conan finds the sword the skeletal giant gets up and he runs it through with the sword. There should have been a scene where we actually see him fighting off the wolves rather than just seeing their pelts on his back to keep him warm.
The giant snake was pretty fantastic but it was over too quickly…they could have created some suspense and have Conan almost crushed until he wriggles his knife free to spike the beasts mouth shut before he lops off the things head…( Great scene by the way ) We could also have used a scene where we actually see them nailing him to the tree and he fights on as the subdue and spike him.
The orgy fight sequence also could have used a little sprucing up. When he was going at it with Thorgrim they could have lost their weapons for a few minutes and had a brief battle of strength before they picked up their weapons again.
The giant guy stirring up the human stew could have had more of a role too. A brief bout with him using the ladle like a deadly mace would have been effective. I would have preferred a bit of swordplay between Doom and Conan as well. He tried to mesmerize him but it did not work and that should have turned into a climactic battle which ended with the head rolling down the steps.
I know I know…everyone’s a critic and everyone has their own idea as to how the movie could have been better…just sharing. The film did better at the box office than they originally expected so…it was a success. Good for CONAN!


Dominic said...

Looks good.
Here's one for the doubters of the new Conan....I've started watching "Game of Thrones" recently, and during episode 7, before I realized who was playing Khal Drogo, I thought "This guy would make a good Conan". Then I saw Jason Momoa's name in the end credits.
I guess what I'm saying is I'm fully on board now. I think it's gonna be good.

Fafnir said...

I am also excited about the new Conan, but toss the guy some blue contact lenses. Secondly, I would not change a thing about Conan the Barbarian. It is a perfect film, and I say that as a fan of the original REH stories and the Marvel comics.

Anonymous said...

"but toss the guy some blue contact lenses"

Momoa having blue eyes was reportedly the goal all along, but it was ultimately decided that none of the attempts (including cgi) looked natural on the actor.

As for the film, I've also done a complete 180 over the past few months. The novelization was good, violent fun and I suspect the film will be as well.

Anonymous said...

The poster would be OK for Wizards&Warriors 9 on gameboy superduperultra, it's on par with the Kull movie poster to say

Mike D. said...

Re: my humble opinion I beg to differ. The KULL poster is bland. It's a silouhette of KULL superimposed of the face of Kevin Sorbo. It's quite a blah poster with not much going on.
The CONAN poster however has a monster a warlord , a sorceress , a chick , CONAN and a bird!
That's a lot going on in one collage type compostition.
Just sayin' you of course are entitled to your opinion. No worries eh?

Benito Gallego said...

Hey don't miss this, it's AWESOME!!:

Anonymous said...

Mikeyboy, I know three Kull posters: two have his face in transparency (one of them with the sorceress, the other with the shadows of him facing an army) and a third one has him posing with an axe with some CGI skulls in the back.
The 2011 Conan poster is slightly better than the Kull ones,effectively, there's even a pose reminiscent of Conan the Destroyer in Jason's stance.
But choosing between cheesy posters, I don't know if I'd go home with a Red sonja poster or this 2011 Conan one, probably the Sonja, it's a Casaro collector's item !