Sunday, July 3, 2011

Conan the Syndicated!

Recently I added a new book to my Conan collection. It is Conan the newspaper strips volume one. As I began reading the already familiar history I was astounded by the art I had never seen before. John Buscema and Ernie Chan and Alfredo Alcala along with a host of others all have taken part in CONAN'S syndicated adventures.

Most stories were written by Conan scribe Roy Thomas. I was giddy as I read along through 70 pages in one sitting. The reading is easy and Conan is a bit more talkative in the strips than he is in the pastiches or in the comic books. But that is mainly because in strip format you'd need Conan talking in order to keep the readers interest.
The book itself is a massive 8 and a half by 11 and a half and it is thick and loaded with all sorts of barbaric goodness. While I was reading it I had this feeling come over me. One like did not feel in a very long time. It was excitement. Although these little strip stories are taken from ( Mostly ) comic book scripts they were shortened and edited for content and did not leave you with a wanting feeling.
I waited maybe 30 years for this book and only discovered its existance 2 weeks ago. It's been out for a while now. But as soon as I found out about it I hit ebay and looked it up and in a buy it now deal I got a copy for 25 bucks plus shipping...29 dollars all worth every penny. To the rest of you Conan enthusists fans and obsessive compulsive collectors I highly recommend you get yourselves a copy.
As I said it's loaded with Conan art by the regular Conan staff we are all familiar with. It covers from the strips inception in 1978 to 1979 and I can't wait for volume two. Truthfully even though it had a very short stint as a syndicated strip I know it wasn't meant for the fluffy world of the daily comics scene. But while it lasted it gave us all something to cherish.
Everyone knows I seek out John Buscema art in comics and whatever other form I can find especially CONAN and to see hundreds of Conan panels I'd never seen can understand my giddieness I'm sure. I was 7 again. From the first time I ever saw a Conan comic book it all came flooding back to me. Now I don't believe this book itself will have any real resale value in the's already a whopping 35 bucks but it's sentimental value to me is priceless. PRICELESS! Go get one. OK?


Swinebread said...

I heard there was a printing error in this book... I guess your copy was OK?

Mike D. said...

I have yet to come across it. I will look for one..thanks

Mike D. said...

Yes there is a printing error. In the first printing You can find the description of said error on the Dark Horse website. The editor of the book apologizes for his error. No problem dude. It's a great book.