Monday, September 24, 2012

More CONAN fan Salvatore Oliviero

 : Below please see the correspondance from a CROM follower from ITALY....he included two drawings he did himself and I love them.  They are great pieces of work and I encourage Salvatore to send us more as he finds the time we will share with the followers of CROM and the world. 
    If anybody else has some art they'd like to share please feel free to send it on in.  We'll get it on the blog.
Thank you Sal for sharing your work with us!!!

"Hello Mikeyboy,

I'm Salvatore Oliviero from ITALY, I follow you always, Crom! is a great
I love Conan and in my spare time I like to draw, it's my passion so I send
you two of my recent works for Conan
These are my versions of two wonderful stories of R.E.Howard : "The Frost
Giant's Daughter" and "The Tower of the Elephant", using pencil and colored
(the first) with Photoshop. I hope you like it

Thanks and compliments to your other blogs

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