Monday, September 24, 2012

A furious flurry of CONAN covers from foreign lands!!!


The Wasp said...

Those are some nutty looking Conans!

Cromsblood said...

Just for fun, I’ll take a stab at these covers – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong...

1. That’s the cover of Marvel’s Bizarre Adventures #26, John Bolton Kull artwork – it appears to say all of this right on the (Italian) cover.

2. Our good friend Etiene indicated that this is the cover of a Brazilian Conan novel and that the artist is one Daniela Shimabukuro – more here:

3. Back to Italy, the artist is Pino Rinaldi, the contents - a story featured way back when on Crom!

4. I’m guessing Spanish artist Jesús Sáiz – if I’m not mistaken, these are hardcover Savage Sword reprints with cover art by Spaniards, but don’t quote me on any of that. I’d love to get my hands on these beauties!

5. First time I’ve seen this novel cover – VERY cool!

6. See #4 above. Don’t recognize the artist though.

7. Isn’t that Buscema and/or Chan? Don’t recognize the cover, perhaps it’s a collage of some interior artwork?

8. Brazilian Alexandre Jubran, a bunch of his work featured on Crom! Here:

Thx for sharing Mike! I’ll shut up now.

Mike D. said...

Your expert analysis and input is greatly appreciated at any and all times.
Thank you!!!

Mike D. said...

I believe the one cover is from the interior splash near the end of CTB 100... a montage shot... they just used a section of it

Xonan said...

Cover n5 is by Esad Ribic, he did some covers for Dark Horse's Conan comics as well

Ralph said...

That second one is awesome. Conan with a mullet!