Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the name of the Father - Andy Kubert

Many years ago I'd always said " Wow it would be cool if Joe Kubert went to Marvel and drew some Conan comics"...Well it never really happened. Joe drew a promo poster for Dark Horse a couple of years back but that's about it. But when Joe's able bodied son Andy...a very big name in the industry today got a gig drawing the Savage Sword of Conan # 160 he blew my socks off. I had seen his work before and knew he was good , but not this good. I tell ya' he draws exactly like his Legendary Dad. ( When he wants to ) You can tell some panels used old TARZAN comics as reference ( nothing wrong with that ) but his style his technique his line quality and his dynamic approach to page layout had all the markings of a future hall of famer. Andy is a big wig over at DC comics now ( A really real Big wig ) and deservedly so. He is a was in his blood. He and his brother Adam made a name for themselves...not by riding on Joe's coat tails...they trained and worked and studied and busted their asses off to be the Masters they are today....That's the way Joe wanted it...if this was the life they chose then they are going to learn it right. He taught them like he taught any other student at his school and took no favorites in doing so. That's the reason why they're so good...they're naturals and they learned from the was ingrained and embedded in the DNA..Imprinting if you will.

Andy did some more work for Savage Sword and even a cover for CTB here and there but...Nothing I say can tell you the thrill I got when I bought this issue of SSOC and saw the brilliant work by Andy Kubert. Joe Kubert has passed on now...his sons carry on and provide fine and worthy contributions to the industry they love...that he loved.


Charles R. Rutledge said...

I remember being very impressed with this issue when it first came out. I thought, "Wow, that looks very much like his dad's work."

Pixel said...

Cool, I'm glad someone has a Conan blog. Thanks.