Sunday, August 5, 2012

15mm Aquilonians

Here are some miniatures I converted to represent Aquilonian Knights, more specifically Black Dragon Guard, Standard Bearer and King Conan.  I used Roundway Miniatures using the body of the Spanish Knights figures and the heads of Russian Heavy Lancers.  The king was from the Spanish Command pack and I switched out the horse with a Persian Heavy Lancer.  I also sculpted on some capes with procreate and mounted a Games Workshop Bretonnian decal on the flag .  I really liked the way they turned out, it's definitely a departure from the Conan Comics "Aquiromian" look, instead presenting them in full plate armor as it states in the original books.  Sorry the pics are a little dark.


ripa said...

Cool! I've waiting for this project to continue.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! :-)