Friday, June 15, 2012

Quotes, Facts and Scenes from the Worlds of REH: "Red Sonja" Cameo

I wanted to start a series of posts that I could do quickly. I love reviewing and sharing literature about or inspired by Conan and/or Robert E. Howard himself; however, those posts are not a quick write. I wanted to do something I can do quickly and more frequently for the readers of Crom. In these posts you will find sometimes favorite scenes, quotes or facts pertaining to either Conan, REH or both.

This is a scene from Karl Edward Wagner's Conan pastiche, The Road of Kings. It involves KEW making a joke about the Roy Thomas/Barry Windsor-Smith created character, Red Sonja. I actually intended to mention it in my review of the book, but it slipped through the cracks. The set-up is at a masquerade that Conan and his companions plan to strike out at their enemies at. While Conan is waiting for action to begin, he is approached by a young noble lady dressed in garments that might seem familiar:

A red-haired girl, wearing only a scanty halter and G-string fashioned of interlinked silver discs and dragging a two-handed sword in an absurd portrayal of a barbarian swordswoman, tilted her smiling face toward Conan's scowl. "Why so somber, my fellow barbarian?" she trilled. "I know a quiet spot where we two can repair to wage a friendly struggle. After all, it is not yet the time for removing our...masks."
"Is it not yet midnight?" Conan asked in a thick accent. "But it is almost time for the pretty falcon to dance, as she has promised."
The girl made a face behind her mask. "If you want to watch  some fool dance, don't let me detain you."
"Bitch!" Conan mumbled, as she clanked away. 

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