Thursday, May 26, 2011

CONAN sketch card - By Mike Hawthorne.

Back in April Mike Hawthorne the fella who currently draws CONAN over at Dark Horse comics played a cool little April fools prank on his adoring fans. He got me pretty good as I got my hopes up nice and high for a CONAN/HELLBOY crossover. Well...He revealed it was only a prank after he had at least 20 replies to his post. SHITE!!! Ok well being the cool dude he is Mr. Hawthorne offered up a sketch card to the first 10 people who contacted him by e-mail. Well I checked in. I do not know particularly what number I was but I was one of the lucky few. Here it is ...a cool profile shot of CONAN by Mike Hawthorne. Dig that hatching makes it look all antiquie and what not. Thank you Mike.

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Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks for being such a great sport, Mike! :-)