Thursday, November 3, 2011

Win a Copy of Barbarians: A Handbook for Aspiring Savages (via Superpunch)

Comment and win a copy from Superpunch, or you can just jolly-well buy your own copy on Amazon. Your choice.


Jeff Hotchkiss said...

I read the description of this on Amazon. Seems pretty cool. Could come in handy when the world ends next year!

Cromsblood said...

I'm still a little upset (superpunched in the ribs if you will) that us non-Americans can't participate in this.

Therefore, I'm planning a similar giveaway on Crom! very soon, and I'LL ship the prize to the depths of hell if you've got a mailing address there.

Anonymous said...

I will send the site operators a couple of copies to give away/ review on this site if you send me your address.

Insight Editions

Reis O'Brien said...

Thanks Carlie! You can send any of us an email at our contact links posted on the lefthand side oft he blog.

Would love to review the book!

Cromsblood said...

As tempted as I am to delete Reis from the contact list right now...send them to Reis, Carlie.

He's the leader of the tribe, I'm just the pleeb that shines his sandals when he gets home from a long day in the Stygian snake pits.

Oh and Carlie, you rock!

Mike D. said...

yes indeed...this is Reis' blog...he just lets me post Conan related musings and ramblings here on CROM...and I enjoy doing so.
Please send any copies to the esteemed Mr. O'brien. ;)

Reis O'Brien said...

Haha! Yeah, I really rule this blog with an iron fist! ;)

I heard from Carlie and it looks like that not only will we have a review, but a give-away, too!

Speaking of book reviews, stay tuned...