Saturday, November 26, 2011


From 1991 comes a CONAN parody out of Marvels comics' comedy comic book "WHAT THE ?!"
This particular bit of HYBORIAN HILARIOUSNESS comes from issue # 12 art by Bill Wray.


Arion said...

These parodies are cracking me up.

Thanks for visiting my blog, hopefully you'll keep commenting on future Conan posts.

What do you think of the new Conan title from Dark Horse that will be released in February?

Cromsblood said...

"What do you think of the new Conan title from Dark Horse that will be released in February?"

The artist is a turn-on, the art, not so much. Hoping to be pleasantly suprised.

Arion said...

I've only seen the cover, and it doesn't really convince me. But still, it's Conan, so I'll buy it.

Cromsblood said...

Mike D. said...

@ Cromsblood...thanks for that link. While it certainly appears to be a NEW look for Conan...and the sequential art is really nice...along the lines of Will seems like a new direction for our HERO...while most of the artists we're used to portray CONAN in the Frazetta/Buscema/Smith style that we''re so used to seeing...this CONAN has a MANGA/ANIME feel. I'm not sure if I like it either. But I am all for an artist who can tell a good story. So...we'll see.

Anonymous said...

where do you guys find this stuff? i gotta ask do any of you remember canine the barbarian in mad or cracked magazine? i dont remember if it was any good but it definitely was a conan spoof, cant find it anywhere. As far as the ew comic, it's definitly a very different way of drawing conan, but the use of color that ive seen is beautiful, I'm all for shaking things up too. -Mario

Cromsblood said...

I had not heard of Canine, but went looking after you had last mentioned it, and even contacted the only artist that I could find associated with this comic (Gary Fields, , but sadly, got no reply.

Maybe a Crom! reader can help us out. Here's where I believe that Canine made an appearance:

Super Cracked #32 - Fall 1986 (Gary Fields)
Cracked Collectors Edition #72 - Sept 1987
Cracked Collectors Edition #75 - July 1988
Cracked Collectors Edition #114 - April 1998
Cracked #225 Jan 1987
Cracked #231 Oct 1987
Cracked #235 May 1988
Cracked #237 Aug 1988
Cracked #240 Nov 1988
Cracked #243 Mar 1989
Cracked #256 Sept 1990
Cracked #257 Oct 1990

Cromsblood said...

Worth mentioning that the Groo cameo (well, "Goo" in this case) in the Moanin comic is drawn by none other than Sergio Aragonés, this according to Bill Wray's website. Cool!

Mike D. said...

a very cool tid-bit of info. ALL worth mentioning

Xonan said...

Mikeyboy, this comical "What the" is far better than the "What if?" serious spinoffs.
Excellent find!

Mike D. said...

Marvel always had a good sense of humor. Being able to satirize and parody their own heroes. They started with NOT BRAND ECHH in the sixties and continued into the 70's with CRAZY...a magazine that was produced by ATLAS ( Soon to be Marvel ) comics in the 1950' the comedy goes way back.