Friday, November 25, 2011

Highland BADASS vs ZULU warrior

I guess this'll fall into the " Not quite CONAN " department. I found this video on youtube
and the person who posted it mirrored the image to nullify copyright infringement as the video is owned by viacom. ( Don't really see how that would work ) But here it is ...Celtic HERO " Sir " William Wallace complete with blue war paint in battle against Zulu warrior KING , SHAKA ZULU.

Taken from an episode of DEADLIEST WARRIOR from the SPIKE network. Anyone familiar with the show knows that these battle scenarios are run 1000 times through a battle simulator program and the warrior with the greater percentage of kills/wins earns the title " DEADLIEST WARRIOR ".

They have already run an episode with Zombies and Vampires...Now...I'm waiting until they get to
everyones favorite Broadsword swinging CIMMERIAN! Hmm...Now the question...who would we put CONAN up against?

( P.S. If we are told to remove the video by reps from will be done. In the meantime enjoy ! )


x said...

They use software to recognize video with and by 'reversing' it it throws the pattern recognition software off.

Ahhh the world of the internet...better mousetrap better mouse.

I just wish they would learn that people are doing distribution for free and learn how to monetize it. Like put your own video up with a watermark in the corner for an advertiser. Then turn it loose, track it and collect on the views.

Great vid btw...may have to check the series out again.

Benito Gallego said...

Great fighting choreography and costumes!

Anonymous said...

They also did Celt VS Persian Immortal, which was a chariot match.

Mike D. said...

Cool...I'll look out for that one thanks.