Tuesday, November 1, 2011

KILLJOY : A Crazy CONAN parody

This parody appeared in Marvel Comics' CRAZY magazine # 90 with a cover by Bob Larkin. The story was written by Paul Kupperberg and the art was by Bob Camp and Marie Severin. Arnold...well you know where Arnold comes from.


Anonymous said...

do any of you guys remember canine the barbarian? it was a strip in cracked or mad magazine, i cant find it anywhere on the web. I remember eading it as a kid, basically conan as a dog,lol-mario

I can't delete this said...

I submitted this same thing to cromsblood in jan of this year, never saw it didnt think he was interested?

From: Robert Hir [mailto:bobhir@---.com]
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2011 11:03 AM
To: cromsblood@---.com
Subject: Marvel Comics "Crazy" magazine adaptation of "Kiljoy the Nasty" from back in the day.

Back in the day Marvel’s “Crazy” magazine did a spoof on the Conan the Barbarian move (Kiljoy the Nasty) that I thought your fans might get a kick out of.

Attached are 2 sample images - the Frazetta inspired cover, featuring Obnoxio the Clown, and a sample from the story.

Links provided are for a .CBR of the full 6 page story, for use with Comic viewing software, and a .zip of the raw images (both are the same thing, zip provided incase users don’t have comic reading software)

http://hotfile.com/dl/93698993/bb9b452/Crazy-Conan-90.cbr.html 16 MB

http://hotfile.com/dl/93699750/feceb50/Crazy-Conan-90.zip.html 18 MB

As far as the story goes, it was standard “Crazy” fair, they started out pretty strong keeping to the story with the usual goofiness, and then at about the ¼ mark of the movie wrap it up with a quick ending to keep it to a certain amount of pages in the issue..

The artwork was pretty spot on as far as resembling the movie actors and such.

Hope everyone enjoys the exploits of Kiljoy, Subaru, Valooie, and Tulsa Oklahoma..


I can't delete this said...

I de-yellowed my images when I scanned them if you wanted to download them from the links..

Reis O'Brien said...

Don't take it personal, Bob. We sometimes get a lot of things sent to us and things occasionally slip through the cracks. Also, every now and then one of us contributors has to take a break from blogging for various reasons, and you may have sent it back when Cromsblood was on hiatus and dealing with other things.

Regardless, thanks for sharing it with us now! And we'll try to keep our eyes peeled for your emails in the future. :)

Cromsblood said...

My apologies Bob. When I saw this post, I thought to myself "Oops, Mikeyboy sent this my way a long time ago and I totally forgot to post it...good to see that he did". I stand corrected.

Let me also take this opportunity to apologize to everyone else who sent me something that I haven't posted yet.

In my defence, I've currently got some 14,000 files in my "Stuff to post on Crom" folder.

Mike D. said...

Thanks for sharing Bob...maybe we'll replace my yellowed and old pages with your clean ones.
( Hmmm good idea ) Yeah..I've had my magazine since it came out and it has work in it from Bob Camp , Bobby London and several other major cartoonists and mainstays from around the business. The cover is yellowed too. But it has sentimental value being that I've had it since '82.
Wow...BLOOD that is a lot of files of CROM coolness to come!
Reis thanks for helping me tweak the post...I was having trouble and you fixed it up.
Once again thanks for having me.
I have a lot of fun here reading everyones stuff and sharing.

I can't delete this said...

Mine were originally yellowed ( bought my copy from Osco drug store back when it came out too), I just scanned it black and white, and the yellow became white, and the black.. well.. yep black.

Cromsblood said...

@Mario - I sent an email to Gary Fields, who I believe is the Canine the Barbarian artist...hopefully we'll get a pleasant suprise around here (or on his blog) very soon!