Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 17 Most Awesome Sword-And-Sorcery Movies Ever Made from Popcrunch

Popcrunch has posted their list of...

The 17 Most Awesome Sword-And-Sorcery Movies Ever Made

Guess who made #1? (And #17 and #7, for that matter.)


Mike D. said...

By the by...CONAN 3D made 22 Mil by the time it was yanked. Count the 28 it made overseas and ya got...? Eh? Not too shabby IMHO.
Plus we got Blurays and DVD's comin' that all goes into the royalties pot too.

Turko said...

There's a lot of garbage on this list...I love the top 3, and the inclusion of Deathstalker and Sword and the Sorcerer, but it's obvious this list was not made by a die hard S&S fan. There's so much more that should be on here instead of crap like Legend, Dragonheart, Scorpion King, etc.

Mike D. said...

Here is my list...although some mayt not agree that a few of these films do not fall under the GENRE of Sword and's list based on my humble opinion....lets have some folks share their own favorites.
DROP and give me 20!

1-Conan the barbarian 1982

2-Conan the Destroyer

3-Conan the barbarian 3D 2011

4-Sword and the sorcerer

5-Death Stalker



8-LOTR trilogy ( Counts as one )

9-Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

10-The Vikings starring Kirk Douglas

11-Prince Valiant starring Robert Wagner

12-Jason and the Argonauts (Harryhausen )

13-Hawk the slayer

14-Fugitive from the empire – TV movie


16-the 13th warrior


19-Rob Roy


Mike D. said...
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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there were 17 "Awesome" Sword-and-Sorcery movies made. ;)