Friday, November 25, 2011

The art of Sanjulian..." A Witch shall be born "

I like to visit every so often and look for anything at all I might be able to use on one of my it HERCULES or SONJA or SHANNA related and I sit and peruse for hours sometimes just searching for whatever strikes me at the moment. I find some of the most amazing pieces of work just about everytime I am there. I appreciate the fact that these artists share the art so we can all enjoy it.

On my last visit I came across this Sanjulian piece and I was completely floored. The man has been a famous fantasy artist for as long as I am alive and he never ceases to amaze me everytime I see his work. Now...I fancy myself as decent artist...NOT A PRO by any means. But when I look at the work of Joe Jusko and the Hilderbrandts and Boris and Bell I know...there is no way in hell I will ever be a working professional fantasy artist in this lifetime. THEN I come across Sanjulian's pencils and finished masterpiece and I almost cried. The final nail was put in the coffin lid.

Look at his pencils before he puts paint to his piece....every stroke and line and bit of shading such masterful skill. I can't even believe my eyes sometimes when these artists are finished.

I do not have a favorite interpretation of CONAN on the cross ...Who am I to judge? I just love looking at the great work by all the legends...I wait for more patiently. I know I will never be let down. Sanjulian is a Master. This piece is amazing. Enjoy. ( Hit F11 for larger image )

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