Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Official Handbook of the Conan Universe Download!

If you've been looking for the classic Official Handbook of the Conan Universe from Marvel Comics, you can now download it right HERE!


You'll need a comic book reader program to view it, and I strongly suggest this one. You're gonna want this anyway, when you realize that this site has TONS of Conan comics to download! Including the entire run of Conan the Barbarian and Conan the King!

Now, go get you some free comics!


Acorndog said...

Nice addition to my comics set!

BTW, I know you guys aren't too keen on AOC, but they just announced a new expansion game, oddly enough based in Khitai.


Anonymous said...

I have this one it is a great companion piece for my collection or all of the original CONAN run from Marvel and King CONAN as well as Savage Sword...helpful and insightful. Marvel put out a black and white reprint of this as well in a polybagged issue of Savage Sword. ......Mikeyboy

Cromsblood said...

Yah, I have it too, but for some reason I took the scissors to it when I was a kid...can't remember why, probably wanted some of the pictures for some D&D module I was working on...why was I such a dummy back then?

Cromsblood said...

I've got nothing against AOC (from what I've seen, it looks pretty slick)...After 20 years of hardcore gaming, it was time for me to "hang up the gloves". Thanks for the heads up though, I'm sure that many others will appreciate that. Lastly, I've just got to say that Lord British rules!!! Thanks for the memories, Mr. Garriott!