Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Barry Windsor Smith Comic Splash Pages Spotlighted at Diversion of a Groovy Kind!

One of my all-time favorite comic blogs, Diversions of a Groovy Kind, had a blog post last week spotlighting the great, epic splash panels from Seminal Conan artist, Barry Windsor Smith, and I just thought that any Conan fan should take a look at such a glorious collection!


Having run my eyes over these classic Conan comics for so many years, I feel like these pages are like old friends and I'd know them like I'd know the back of my hand, but there was something about seeing them all in one place that made me take a moment and remember a little of what those old-school Conan comics used to mean to me.

You can see them all right HERE! Thanks to the Groovy Agent for such a great post!


Anonymous said...

there is a big blank white spot there. ....MD

Reis O'Brien said...

Oops! Okay, how does it look now? (Still figuring out my new photo hosting settings!)

Anonymous said...'s blocked by websense. I am at work .....MD

Reis O'Brien said...


Cromsblood said...

Ha Ha! Websense took one look at Conan's helmet, and raised a red flag..."dangerously sharp anti-gravity booby alert!!!"

Thanks for that info btw, really enjoyed the trip down memory lane!