Monday, August 3, 2009

Big News Here on the CROM! Blog!

Hail Fellow Conan Fans!

Many of you may remember our good friend Cromsblood who linked us to a bunch of excellent foreign Conan releases never before seen here in the States, and then subsequently began his own blog REH Illustrated. Truth be told, this guy may very well be a bigger Conan fan than myself and certainly an excellent researcher!

Well, considering his devotion to Conan fandom and the contributions he has made in bringing so much awesome Conan media from all over the world to our attention, we talked it over and have decided that, starting right now, Cromsblood will become a permanent contributer to the CROM! blog!

I figured that between the two of us, we could add so much to the world of Conan fandom as a team, making this blog even better and thus making great Conan information, artwork, downloads, etc. even more easily found for the thousands of Conan fans that have visited this blog.

I'm quite pleased to have found someone who can compliment this blog so well and am honored to share this little bit of cybernetic space with him. So everyone please give a hearty welcome to Cromsblood (he has a real name, but I'll let him decide if you need to know it or not!) and get yourselves ready for the CROM! blog to be kicked into overdrive!

Now, on with the blogging!

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