Friday, August 21, 2009

I'll Be Taking a Small Break from CROM!

Hail Fellow Conan Fans!

As some of you may have noticed, I've run into some serious image hosting issues, mostly stemming from Photobucket being a bunch of douchebags. So, instead of seeing all of my images that I have posted over the past year, you're getting an "Exceeded Bandwidth" graphic.

To combat this, I finally bought a pro Flickr account, so I will never run into storage or bandwidth limits again. Unfortunately, this means that I'll have to replace every single image that I have posted, with a newly hosted copy. This may take a while. Especially as I have to take care of my other blog Geek Orthodox as well.

Sorry about all of this. So bear with me and all will be back to normal soon.

In the meantime, fellow CROM! blogger, Cromsblood, is doing a killer job and I have faith that you are in good hands until I return!

See you all again soon!



Darius Whiteplume said...

I still think you should go with Blogger/Picasa. Free, and no probs ever. Plus if the image is uploaded from your blog it can't be link on another site.

Reis O'Brien said...

Yeah, but they have size and bandwidth limitations. I'm not dealing with that any more.

Anonymous said...

Do your thing....we'll be waitin'
I am going to send you my tattoo shot can save it until you're ready to post.

Thomas Pluck said...

I use blogger but I have some up on photobucket. I'm considering moving to flickr now that I've read about how they lowered bandwidth without telling anybody. not that I use anywhere near it.
They did erase a bunch of Margaret Brundage Weird Tales covers I uploaded for a Conan post.

Dave Lowe said...

I have to also say go with blogger picasa. Sure the size is limited but after 5 years using, I've never had an issue, and that's with 2 blogs going and both very heavy with images. At least in the meantime until you resolve photobucket.

BTW, I'm not complaining, believe me, but it's looking like you guy's should start a companion RED SONJA fan blog. I've always been more a Belit man myself.

Anonymous said...

I see people rquesting a Red Sonja blog all over this one. The answer is simple. Somebody create one themselves. This one here is for our boy CONAN.
But Sonja being the hottie she is...would be a welcome companion blog to peruse and browse through

Darius Whiteplume said...

Okey, I did it. Red Sonja: She-devil with a Sword - the blog is up. I will run it like the Amazon Princess blog with contributors. Anyone interested in contributing, let me know.

Mike D. said...

Darius has invited me to contribute archival info and artwork to RED SONJA SHE DEVIL WITH A SWORD - the blog.
I have accepted and as I come across any new or cool info or art I will post some shtuff. With the film coming out soon...people will be GOOGLING RED SONJA.....besides who would not want to GOOGLE RED SONJA?