Sunday, January 15, 2012

" Rob Roy the Destroyer "

See Scottish legend ROB ROY demonstrate the sword fighting technique known as the Priest's robe you can plainly see although Mr. Cunningham knows his way around with a rapier there is no denying a well placed Claymoore blow to the collar bone can really ruin one's day.
This sword fight is one of my all time favorite sword fights in the history of filmdom. NO it is not an action packed swing for swing , blow for blow account of a fast paced major hack and slash battle. But yet it is a dramatic representation of the way it was back in the dueling days. The larger stronger combatant won this one because he had an advantage while being at a disadvantage. He did not have the skill to out match his opponent but his power came in handy when the moment was right. In cold calculating fashion when he appeared down and out he saw his opening and ended the battle leaving ARCHIE with a sucking , gaping chest wound. I love the way this YOUTUBE poster used the theme from STAR TREK'S EPIC battle between KIRK and SPOCK in the "Amok time" episode to full advantage. It works perfectly. I only kinda wish that they used the Basil Poledouris score from CONAN instead. No this is not CONAN...but Mr. Mac is of the same lineage as our stalwart Cimmerian. Of course CONAN would have ended this duel a bit quicker...instead of grabbing the sword he would have ripped the arm from the socket and skewered his opponent with both sword and arm...but the results would have been the same.

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