Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conan the Barbarian Movie Flubs!

CROM! reader and all around savage badass, Rrozum, sent me a couple of links to lists of flubs from the latest Conan movie installment, and I'm just now getting around to posting them (sorry, Rrozum, I swear I wasn't ignoring you!). I copy and pasted them here, or you can see the original list HERE or HERE.


During the chase scene when Tamara flees the temple, Conan's sword repeatedly disappears and reappears in between shots as he pursues Remo.  
During the chase scene; just after Tamara disconnects the coach that she was riding in from the horses that she is now riding, you see the coach tip forward, roll and shatter apart. In the next shot the coach is whole again and lands on the front and shatters for a second time. 
During the fight on the ship, it starts of being night, but ends being with the sun out.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the fight on the ship, Conan is thrown back onto a raised platform in the cargo hold. When his legs fly up you can see the rubber soles of the athletic shoes built into his leggings at 1h:12m:28s

Plot holes 

With no apparent way of knowing where Conan's ship has laid anchor, and with no way of knowing that Tamara would be on land with Conan and not still aboard the ship, Zim's soldiers nevertheless are able to set up a perfect ambush to try and capture Tamara after she leaves Conan's chamber and wanders through the forest.  
When Tamara is ambushed by Zim's men in the forest, she does not notice the first rider until he is only a few yards from her, despite having a very clear line of sight for a few hundred yards in every direction, and despite there being no noise louder than birdsong to mask the thundering hooves of a galloping horse. Similarly, the foot-soldiers were quite clearly not lying in wait - the trees in the forest are too skinny for them to have hidden behind and there is no other cover around - yet they are upon Tamara within a couple of seconds of the horseman attacking.  

Revealing mistakes 

When Conan and Tamara are waiting for Khalar Zym at the Outpost of Shaipur, the actress playing Tamara is replaced by a body double in two blurred shots. Her hair and height is the same, but her facial features are slightly different.
During the fight with Zym, Conan falls backwards onto an obviously rubber rock.  
In the climax when Khalar Zym and Conan are fighting, Conan hits Zym on his face with the back of his sword and he bleeds. Then at 1:38:13, Zym is shown with no blood on his face, but in the subsequent scene at 1:38:18, the blood is back on his face.


Kike said...

This post needs to be like 14 times longer.

Mike D. said...

The only problem I had with this film was the passage of time. Everything moved so quickly and you never got the impession they lived in a vast land. Removing the EPIC feel from the illusion.
If Khalar was such a badass Warlord then we should have seen a ginormous army and fantastic overhead battle field shots. Creating an aura around the guy that he'd be impossible to get at.
I don't have issues with continuity and bad editing....I catch things in just about every movie I watch.
The suspension of disbelief comes in handy at those times.
BUT an adventure film...was good.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the "fight starts at night time and ends at day time" is a fair one as it starts at dusk and the sun rises quite quickly in reality so it's not hard to believe the drastic lighting change.