Friday, January 6, 2012

CONAN : " En Francais!"

If'n you head over to ebay you still might be able to score yourself a few of these French reprint editions. Who don't love foreign reprints of CONAN comics...It's always exciting to see some of the coolest Conan covers in a different language! Despite the fact that these ebay photo's are poor quality you still get a real good idea what the folks over there were reading practically at the same time we were. ( Back in the 70's and 80's ) I would love to have any one of these in my collection of Conan coolness.

Conan is a world wide household name and everyone from pole to pole knows who he is!


Agnès de Chastillon said...

"you still get a real good idea what the folks over there are reading!"

These are old editions, maybe from the 70' or 80'...not recent reprints.

"If anyone in France does not know who CONAN is then...well....I guess that's their problem."

The most eminent specialist from Robert E. HOWARD is french : Patrice LOUINET. He was the director of the Wandering Star first edition of the complete version of Conan novels....(an american edition directed by a french...) In french we say : CQFD !

SCARCEXL said...

Usually, the printing on french comics was way better than the original US one.

Mike D. said...

It seems I have once again put the old proverbial foot in me own mouth.
In my endeavor to be funny , cute and humorous I have offended some of our readers in the most minimal way. I am going to change around some of the wording in my posting to take away the challenging and biting tone...which was of course inadvertant and unintentional...CROM is worldwide and French visitors are common.

Agnès de Chastillon said...

No offense Mikeyboy, this blog is great and i'm sure your comment was unitentional.

After some fast searches, i can tell you that these comics are not from France but from Canada. Edited in french language by the "Editions Heritage" (in Saint-Lambert, Québec).

The prices on covers are in canadian cents, not francs.

One exception in you list : "La cité des Amazones" a french edition from 1982.

Mike D. said...

Much appreciated clearing up the Country of origin on these comics...I did find it strange "Editions Heritage" was in English and not French.
I am also glad you were not offended. Please continue to visit and Thank you.

Mike D. said...

I looked up the publishing company and excepts for some slight puntuation differences the words are spelled the same in English and Fracais. "Editions Heritage"

Ralph said...

I still have a lot of old Marvel Conan comics in Dutch, printed by Junior Press, from the 80's.

Mike D. said...

@ Ralph...lets see some scans m'man!