Friday, January 13, 2012

More CONAN fan art

This piece comes from ME..Mikeyboy...or Michael John Destasio for those of you who are familiar with me in OTHER circles. I bought some ink brush pens and wanted to test them out. So I found a random CONAN drawing on the web. I am not sure who it was drawn by but it's from a sketch card...some artists sell them at cons and some companies give them as prizes. I wanted to take up as much space on the paper as possible and use every pen for every little different texture I could possibly think of. ( The large black area was done with a white board marker , they spread out nicely ) Being that it was from a sketch card there were a lot of areas in the drawing that were hazy and pretty much unformed and ambiguous. So I noodled around over every little pencil line. Mind you this ink testing and study was done right on the printed image lifted from the web. Then I went into my pc's paint program and whipped up this paste up MOCK cover ( If you look close I signed the sword )....We will still accept any fan art anyone would like to share. Please E-mail Reis with any art you'd like to share with the followers of CROM!


Dominic said...

Wow...That's some nice work, Mike. Those pens are really working for you. At first glance, I was wondering which pro had done this.
One suggestion: adjust your contrast a bit after you scan to get more even black fills, unless you like having all that brushstroke in there.

Mike D. said...

Thanks for the tip. You've always been supportive Dom thanks.