Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Coming of Conan....

In 1968 John Buscema and his brother Sal drew one of the greatest comic books in the history of comicdom. In that comic book there was an unknown supporting character who is very familiar looking. Many people know that John Buscema was tagged to draw the new title CONAN the barbarian due out in 1970 but Stan Lee chose not to put him on the book and thus another worthy superstar was off to a running start. A few years later John Buscema would take over the book anyway...but many people wondered...Just what would CONAN have looked like?
If you take a gander at these select panels from SILVER SURFER 4 published in 1968 you can see for yourself. CONAN would have looked exactly like we know and love him. Seen in these panels an anonymous gladiator resembles our stalwart cimmerian. See the second image of him drawing his sword and then hurling it. How many times have we seen that scenario?
John Buscema actually had a chance at drawing the COMING OF CONAN in a later issue of SAVAGE SWORD following the same script as CTB # 1 that Barry Smith followed and folks...that is perhaps 97% spot on what the actual factual comic book released in 1970 would have looked like. A picture is worth a thousand words....right? You be the Judge.

Two days ago January 22nd was the Birthday of Robert E. Howard the Father of Conan and the man who created the genre known as Sword and Sorcery. Sure...We can argue point for point if he is indeed the father of the Genre but in my eyes...he simply is. It is to him that I dedicate this post. Happy Birthday Mr. Howard.

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