Friday, March 9, 2012

A tale of two Conan..or is that Conai?

No wonder Ralf got the job on the TV show....he's been best pals with Arnie for like...EVER! Being in the Sport of competitive body building I suppose that's not a stretch to assume right?

Seen here in the photo's taken from various locales on the web I now share with you behind the scenes photos from the tv series CONAN THE ADVENTURER as Arnold accompanied by Kyoshi Yamazaki gives Ralf pointers on how to handle his huge sword. Incidentally for those of you who do not know Kyoshi was the trainer and sword master for Arnold on " CTB 1982 " he also appeared in the film as the Sword Master who gives that grinning dumbass a spinning heal kick in the guts after he slaps CONAN in the face for not holding his blade right...But any fan of CONAN knows that already right? ;)...

Seen in the other photos Ralf and Arnie are out enjoying a parade or sporting event together.
As I said I borrowed these photo's off the web and if asked I will remove the post. No questions asked.
Can you imagine having been in the crowd that day and seeing those two together? I would have gotten a couple of autographs and gone home to watch CTB and CTD and CTA all in one big marathon or until I fell asleep. Enjoy the photo's. :)

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