Friday, March 23, 2012

John Buscema " The lost drawings "...part 2

I was enjoying some art recently posted at John Buscema , the lost drawings site ....I wanted to share them with the Murderous minions of CROM....I love the idea that Big John would draw on the backs of the art to be used for the comic he can work out little details before he goes ahead and slaps it on the page...OR perhaps he had an idea in mind and needed to work it up as fast as possible...there is also the thought that he had a new brush he wanted broken in and he would go ahead and do little ink studies on the backs of the pages...who knows...but , he gave us some great stuff eh?


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Holy Cow, Mikey. Those are absolutely beautiful, especially the crouching shot of Conan. Look at his body language and his facial expression. Buscema's figures always had so much weight and solidity, which is an amazing thing on a two dimensional surface. The man really was a master of drawing. Not just comics, but drawing. A true artist by any standard anyone cares to apply. Thanks for posting these and for the link. I'm going to go and marvel some more at John Buscema's work.

Mike D. said...

The Hulk Wolverine pieces are incredible too

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