Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Savage SPATULA.....!!!?

BEHOLD! TWO..count'em TWO....Conan style parody covers I founded ( Yes I know I said FOUNDED I'm tryin' be cute gimmie a break huh! ) at the book store! ( Barnes and Noble )

I plan on adding them to my collection simply because it's CONAN related...The book

"Masters of the Nonsense-verse" a collection of strips from the GET FUZZY comic strips by Darby Conley , a particular favorite of mine when I'm scanning the paper and reading the comics. It reminds me of the ol' BLOOM COUNTY strips by Berkely Breathed and CALVIN and Hobbes by Bill Watterson all at once. I love the Boris/Frazetta style composition here...makes me wanna take a vacation.

The other is "SPONGEBOB COMICS" # 7 with a JOE JUSKO style cover....I think it's freaking hilarious that Patrick is the damsel in distress....FUNNEEE STUFF! Enjoy.

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