Friday, March 30, 2012

CONAN and GROO....sneak peak

I was just over at Tom Yeates' website and spotted these nifty little pages he allowed the good people of the interwebs to see. In anticipation or the upcoming team up book. I have always loved Tom's style and he's very suited to entire serious series would be on my wish list. Enjoy....Thank you for sharing Mr. Yeates ( * click pictures to make'em big )


Xonan said...

Hey Mickeyboy, that Groo parody preview looks good.
Check this strange Frazetta tribute :

Looks like Conan apart from him praying and babbling about "God".

Mike D. said...

Thank you for that was very good work. I've seen that guys stuff before he's a pro.

Oh...and I'm "C" making it into "Mickey"...Mickey is a mouse...I'm "Mikeyboy" just sayin'...;)

Xonan said...

Sorry Mike! I was typing too quickly