Friday, April 1, 2011

Son of CROM !

This oviously is the BARBARIAN painting by the great Frank Frazetta. This cover ( with a SEPIA tint over the original ) is by the beautiful and talented Julie Bell.
Not sure who the art is by on this one here. Anybody know? I'll gladly give credit where it's due.
“Son a of a……! “ Ever since I can remember I have always loved adventure heroes. My first introduction to these braver than brave and stronger than strong was the re-runs of Tarzan films or even Hercules films early Sunday mornings when I was but a wee Lad!

Then as I became more familiar with comic books I discovered KORAK son of Tarzan. “Korak” I thought his name was BOY! Then I discovered the paperbacks and then…CONAN. I had become familiar with KORAK : Son of Tarzan comics and made sure I watched every film when the “ Mighty Sons of Hercules” was running those old peplums. But then…the coolest frigging thing happened and the world changed for the better.

Marvel comics put out a KING CONAN comic book and in it…CONAN’s son Prince CONN!!! It’s in the text someplace you can find it, CONN’S name is likewise CONAN. ( Created in the pastiches written by L.Sprague De Camp and Lin Carter ) Daddy-o just calls him CONN. I guess that was done deliberately to distinguish the two. I always thought that a “ Son of CONAN” series would be a great idea.

Now…even the HULK has a kid! Seeing the likeness of “SKAAR : Son of HULK” to our favorite brawny Barbarian I was inspired to once again go into my PC’s paintbrush program and throw together these ( MOCK ) and STRICTLY FOR PARODY purposes “SON of CONAN” covers. I do so hope you like them and that the idea brings a smirk or even a smile to your faces. PERHAPS..Dark Horse comics will be inspired and even take it to the next level and make it REAL!....” LIGHTBULB!!!!”


Taranaich said...

Not content with being the king of Aquilonia, Conan decides to introduce the space program a few thousand years early, and rockets off to conquer a new world: Planet Conan.

Heh, I could see that happening in some of the weirder Savage Swords.

Mike D. said...

Right...but this is the son we're talking about...who becomes king and then starts ye said space program.....good thing he's a CONAN too.