Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BARBARIAN! The Video Game!

I totally remember playing this game back in the day at my best friend's house during the Summer of '87. We thought the game totally ruled back then. Fellow blogger, Darious Whiteplume, posted some scans of the box art on his Tumblr, complete with a busty '80s style mega-hottie and it completely took me back in time. I just had to repost these here!

Somebody has to know where I can download the abandonware for this!

(click the images to view full size)


Strange Kid said...

I so remember this crazy game it's... well, crazy. :)

Wrote an article a month or so back on it (http://www.strangekidsclub.com/?p=3695), but I couldn't find a Emu of it anywhere. I also don't remember the buxom babes. Oh why don't I remember the buxom babes?!

Mike D. said...

Thats a game? That chick is Hot! Looks just like a Frazetta babe

rozum said...

Here you go. I'm not sure if this game is a remake of the original Barbarian game but it's also called Barbarian. In the game credits, it says the original concept for the game is from Palace Software 1987. It's a flash game you can play online.


There are more barbarian type games you can play on their site also.


The site, CONAN The Digital, has info about all the Conan video and computer games that were made.


Velkaarn said...

Oh man this game is a classic and much had to do with hormones & Maria whats-her-name on the box & ads! :D Loved the decapitation blow, thanks for reminding me of simpler, happier days!

wkeil said...

Hello There,
You can find info on the game and download some links to play here:

wkeil said...

You can download the game from several sites here: