Monday, April 18, 2011

Conan Movie Comic Adaptation!

The folks over at Bleeding Cool News hip us to some interesting stuff revealed about the movie with the promotion of the upcoming movie adaptation comic book.

From the Dark Horse press release:

Adapted from the new film by writer Stuart Moore, penciller and cover artist Gabriel Guzman [cover art at head of post], and with inks by Jason Gorder
On sale July 20, FC, 64 pages, $6.99, One-shot
After witnessing his wife burned at the stake, warlord Khalar Zym sets out on a quest to find the mythical Mask of Acheron, an ancient artifact that will bring his beloved back to life. In his search across the lands, Zym destroys a village in northern Cimmeria, where a boy born of battle survives and is cast out into the world, alone.
Years later, Zym crosses paths again with the boy who survived – Conan. He must now contend with this barbarian nuisance who is now set on vengeance for the slaughter of his village. Zym and his daughter, Marique, eventually clash with Conan in an epic final battle, the outcome of which will decide the fate of the world.
Based on Conan the Barbarian, the new major motion picture starring Jason Momoa, Rose McGowan, and Ron Perlman.

Hmmm... more slaughtered village nonsense. What do you all think? Does this make you want to see the movie more, or whittle away more hope?


Mike D. said...

as I recall Conan set out on his own before he was 20 in search of adventure and to make his way in the world. Not liking the attack on the village concept as it's PLAYED OUT and TIRED....but that's just the set up. So lets see how the rest of the plot develops. Thats the only thing we can go by.

The Grey Elf said...

Agreed. It was said that he spent some time as a slave, but that was due to participating in a raid against the Vanir as a member of an Aesir raiding party. None of Howard's stories (or the non-Jordanian, non-movie adaptation pastiches, for that matter) ever said anything about his being a survivor of his village's massacre by invaders. However, the trailer includes a line directly from "Queen of the Black Coast," so that gives me some hope.

The Grey Elf said...

I'm also unhappy with the "which will decide the fate of the WORLD!!!!!oneelevenOMGWORLD!!!" meme. It's tired and definitely NOT Howardian.

Yellowbeard said...

This stinks like a barachan buccaneer's bum after three days of sailing while having an upset stomach.