Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mego Conan Gets Some New Gear!

You guys may remember a little while back when my homeboy, Greg, hooked me up with a sweet vintage Conan Mego action figure and that I went all googley-eyed over because I had been searching for one since I was 13 years old. You can read my gushing post about that HERE. Well, you may also remember that the figure wasn't completely complete as far as completeness goes. And such was my love for this figure that I just had to get the poor fellow some new gear!

So I went to a site called Dr. Mego's Repros, who specializes in reproduction parts for vintage Mego action figures. The site is downright crazy looking so I was a little worried about ordering from him at first, but sometimes when you need a reproduction Conan axe, you can't be too choosy. Turns out that this guy is top notch!

Well, $30 and three weeks later my prized Conan Mego action figure is looking sharp with his brand new boots, belts, sword and axe! I've just gotta stop typing so you all can see him in all his glory...


CROM! That's one bad ass looking Mego! So thanks to Dr. Mego for making repro parts available to collectors and once again, mad crazy thanks to Greg for one of the greatest birthday presents I ever received! (By the way, Greg's birthday was last Monday, so everyone say happy birthday to him for me!)

I'm going to say it again... CROM!


Acorndog said...

Damn, that is one bad ass mego! Looks just like the one I used to have when I was a kid :)

Reis O'Brien said...