Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conan Tattoo Flash!

I'm probably one of the biggest Conan fans in the world, and I happen to be pretty well inked up, too, so finding this pic got me jazzed on all fronts! Tattoo flash is the artwork you see on tattoo shop walls, where people can walk in, look it all over and then go, "I want that one!" Now, most tattoo artists I know hate using flash, but it's an evil necessity of the business.

I've thought about getting a Conan tattoo, but if I did, I'd probably go with a sweet Buscema/Chan design from the comics rather than one of these poorly rendered monstrosities. But, badly drawn or not, these are still pretty bitchin' and a nice addition the Conan pop culture phenomenon.


I love this one because it looks like Conan is about to bust a move. Break dancing Conan! CROM!



Acorndog said...

Conan would definitely be a good breakdancer given his fighting style.

These aren't really good enough to permanently mar yourself with, but the did get the body right. Conan needs to be a big dude.

You should try drawing your own tattoo! Or have a contest. Costs 25 bucks and a homemade Conan drawing to enter, best one gets tatted on yer chest. You keep the cash.

Reis O'Brien said...

Hell, I'd need that cash just to pay for the tattoo! Gettin' inked up is expensive!